WHUS website redesign project. WHUS is a  radio status at the University of Connecticut.  It first aired in 1922 and is still running strong on campus. In 2013 I was honored with the task of recreating their online identity and with the UITS Web & Mobile Services team developing a WordPress site for WHUS.. Previously themed with a activist type site using communist colors of red and black the site was due for a redesign. There were many factors to consider during this project. Different show types, show times, revamping their style, creating a user friendly online radio station for users to listen to and much more. It was a project that required many different perspectives and forms of development. 

Github Repo: github.com/MikaCaldera/wp-whus  


Previous Design

This is the previous WHUS design. It incorporated black, white and red. It was not responsive or user friendly. It was also not run on a central management system which made it difficult for staff and DJs to update content. 

The clients wanted to display their shows more prominently. The clients also wanted to the newest blog post to display on the front page. They also wanted tin incorporated their twitter page and music albums.  

Mood boards

Samples that were presented to WHUS staff

Clean Surface

Neon Play

Clean Surface 01

Strong Authority 01

Strong Authority

Neon Play 01

These are just a few of the mood boards offered to WHUS at the initial stages of the project. It was important to me to respect their previous design as well as offer them something completely outside the realm. 

Detailed Mock ups

Style tile created for WHUS site

Style title created of secondary items for WHUS

For WHUS I built style tiles to show different instances of the site at different moments. 

WordPress Live Site

While working on WHUS I was pushed to consider many different components. With UITS I was pushed to create a design for a WordPress theme what would be pliable and hold massive constantly changing content. The challenges I faced made it fun to built and implement.