The Unesco Chair website is a custom design with a custom WordPress theme. I was very excited to work on this site. As a designer I find it hard to find work that let me practice my social responsibility. I loved the opportunity to work on UConn's UNESCOCHAIR site and do my small part to help humanity. It made me practically giddy. The group wanted to completely redesign their current site and make it so that they are able to update the content easily. They also has many articles and events that they wanted to update and feature.

Live Site:  UConn Unesco Chair
Github Repo: github.com/MikaCaldera/unesco

Final Design

Front page of website.

Front page secondary view. 

Previous Site

This is a screenshot of the previous design. It was not responsive and not built on a central management system. It did have the three logos  associated with the programs and a institutional academic theme.  

It was important to the client to carry over the three logos as well as the academic feel. They wanted to create a responsive experience and be able to list their publications and events easily. 

Mock up and Themes

To say that I enjoyed creating options for this client would be an understatement. I wanted to give them as many strong options as I could that represented a worldly view while being respectable and scholarly.